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           For the invitation of our school, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dean of Information and Science Technology in Peking University Prof. Mei Hong gave a lecture with the title of Software Technology in Age of Internet.
           Academician Mei Hong looked back the development of software technology overall, analyzed the software’s technology specialty in the age of internet, and deeply profiled software service, software dependability, green software, data-based software engineering, software globalization, and Network Operating System which are the six frontier problems of software technology in the age of internet. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Wang Jingzhong, Dean of College of Information Engineering.

President Wang Xiaochun met Academician Mei Hong. Director of Division of Scientific Research Tie Jun and Dean of College of Information Wang Jingzhong attended the meeting. Academician Mei Hong also visited the Institute of Intelligent Traffic in our school and talked with related faculty.

              By By Division of Scientific Research, College of Information Engineering, College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering