Our students of "abroad education plan" projectleft for America to study

According to the requirements of Beijing Municipal Education Commission in selecting students to exchange and learn in foreign high-level universities by participating "abroad education plan" project, and on the basis of the principle of "openness, fairness and justice", 20 sophomores were selected from related majors to participate the project of 2015/2016 year. (Four of them were sent to Polytechnic University of?Milan in Italy, and 16 were sent to the United States.)

In order to improve qualities of these students, Dean's Office, International Office with Student Affairs Office organized training affairs for these students to improve their English and educate them to study abroad, etc. These 16 students sent to the United States had successfully gotten visas to the United States, and had left for the United States on August 18. During a one-year study, they would be inserted into related majors and classes, such as accountancy, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, etc of the university of Mississippi to study together with American students.

In addition, our six students had been admitted to the university of Mississippi to study and communicate at their own expenses. They had arrived in the university with the students of "abroad education plan" project, and had begun to study their professional courses on August 24.

The university of Mississippi is the oldest public comprehensive university in Mississippi of the United States. It was founded in 1848; 15 institutes were established such as Institute of Engineering, Institute of Business Administration, Accounting Institute and there are over 26000 students. The school ranked 149th in American universities and 330th in universities all over the world according to US News in 2014.


By International Office