The Director of Santa Chiara Learning Center Visited our School

On the morning of October 27th, vice President Li Zhengxi met The Learning Center Director of Santa Chiara, Sharon L. Ms. Jones. They exchanged views upon teaching cooperation between our two sides. The director of International Office, Xiong Jiaquan, The Party committee secretary of College of Architecture and Art, Zhang Bo, Qian Yi, who is head of Italy teaching project, and Professor Zhang Tieshan of College of Economics and Management, etc. attended the meeting.

Italy Santa Chiara Learning Center is located in the scenic Tuscany. As the overseas practice base of College of Architecture and Art, it has arranged our teachers and students twice to implement the teaching project, and has become a bond of our cooperation with Italy universities and research institutions. During her visit, Director Sharon L. Jones will get involved in some architecture courses teaching and give some academic lectures.

            By International Office, College of Architecture and Art