Dr. Ding Shichao of University of Wollongong Gave A Lecture In Our School

On December 9th, for the invitation of College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Ding Shichao in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Wollongong gave a lecture A fundamental study of chain forming in our school.
          Dr. Ding first gave the general information and development plan of University of Wollongong and then introduced the theory of chain forming technology and its application in industry. He also explained the finite element method in the application of forming with the frontier technology and the successful experience. This lecture helped students to know the international development of roll-forming technology and increased the exchanges and understanding between foreign experts and young faculty in our school.
          Dr. Ding graduated in Department of Mechanics at Tianjing Institute of Light Industry in 1984 and then he studied at Northeastern University of Technology. He had ever worked in Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry and Northeastern University of Technology. In 1995, he began to do research on roll-forming at University of Auckland in New Zealand. He found two new ways of forming which were Millipede Forming and Chain Forming and were important in the area of industry.