Center of International Cooperation and Exchanges


The North China University of Technology (NCUT) is a publicly-funded technology university offering programs in science, technology, the arts, business management, law and economics, as well as foreign languages. Located at the base of Beijing’s scenic Western Hills, NCUT is one of China’s leading universities, and has built cooperative relationships with a dozen overseas schools in the U.S, Germany and Japan. The university has a mandate from China’s Ministry of Education to teach foreigners, and accepted its first overseas students in 1982. In addition, the school regularly hosts foreign professors and experts each year, and its Chinese training programs are particularly welcomed by international students.
Education Programs

NCUT offers a full range of educational options for under-graduate, post-graduate and mature students. Its seven colleges, 26 under-graduate departments, 22 master-degree training sites and three “second bachelor degree” training courses have more than 11,000 full-time under-graduate and post-graduate students enrolled, and an additional 4,000 part-time mature students. NCUT is also a training ground for hundreds of overseas students from South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia, the UK, France, Canada, Morocco and Nigeria.

NCUT has a high reputation in domestic educational and academic circles, and its training programs, characterized by a combination of theoretical research and practical application, are highly recognized by students and recruiters alike. NCUT is also known for its overseas student programs covering both degree-orientated education and language training. In addition to their courses, overseas students enjoy the opportunity to become familiar with China’s capital city, and participate in cultural activities and short trips to other parts of the country as a way of improving their language skills and becoming familiar with Chinese society.